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Meeting unique healthcare requirements for complex conditions

As your trusted partner in health, Southwood Pharmacy offers dedicated resources for meeting the unique medical requirement of persons with various conditions. Our specialty pharmacy focuses on these key areas:

For patients diagnosed with both mild and severe skin condition acne and psoriasis, we offer medication and care that supplements the services provided by dermatology experts.

We are well-versed in monitoring and treating gastrointestinal disorders like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. Count on us to provide medicinal solutions that effectively and safely treat problems of the stomach, intestines, GI tract, and rectum.

We offer drug therapy for various forms of hepatitis, matching and supplementing the care plans provided by trusted medical specialists. With our help, patients with hepatitis A, B, and C can receive satisfactory results from their treatment plans.

While HIV/AIDS is not yet curable, many strides have been made to manage and treat the condition as well as control the development of opportunistic diseases. We offer the latest pharmaceuticals and services to ensure positive outcomes for HIV/AIDS therapy.

Multiple Sclerosis
For patients with multiple sclerosis, our pharmacy staff can provide comprehensive care. We collaborate with your trust physician to secure the continuity of treatment and reduce the frequency and severity of relapses.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the joints, causing stiffness, pain, and inflammation. To reduce the effects of this condition, we offer the latest medication to manage its symptoms.

Our specialty pharmacy utilizes specialized knowledge to manage cancer and its comorbidities. We work with oncology experts to optimize therapy outcomes for every patient in a personalized manner.

We provide dependable and cost-effective access to medication used for treating urological disorders. With our updated expertise, we ensure the success and maintenance of medication therapy for the betterment of patients.

Let us work with you on your treatment plans. Call 732-254-7800 to learn more.